Inaguration & First Anniversary

On January 29, 2012, the Congregation of Fellowship Baptist Church celebrated the first anniversary of Pastor Susan P. Warren.  On this day of celbration the Congregation was blessed to receive an inspirational and thought provoking word from Rev. Terrance Melvin, of New Solid Rock Ministries-Washington, DC.  The ministerial presentation was lead by Elder Neptune Pringle and Minister Chiniha Baskerville.  During this special tribute, Rev. Warren received a personalized poem "Approved by God to Preach the Gospel' written by Mr. Thomas Overstreet, poet laureate of Fellowship Baptist Church.

Approved by God to Preach the Gospel

Pastor Warren, you preach sermons that are grand.

You make sure that the word of God we understand.

Pastor Waren, about us, we know you care.

Your sermons give us faith that for us, God is there.

Pastor Warren, we know that what your preach is the truth.

Your words fill us with faith; to their truth we need no proof.

Pastor Warren, you have a powerful and beautiful voice.

We hear you sing and we rejoice.

Pastor Warren, your sermons move us all.

Your sermons give us the strenght to stand tall.

Pastor Warren, you chasten us when we are wrong.

However, when you chasten us, it makes us strong.

Pastor Warren, you are the leader that we at Fellowship need.

We are blessed to have you as our pastor indeed.

Pastor Warren, we know that God speaks through you.

We know that what you preach is true.

We your congeation, appreciate all that you do.

Pasor Susan Warren, we your congegation, love you.

© barbara scott 2014