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History of Fellowship Baptist Church


History of Fellowship Baptist Church

Traveling down Inspiration Drive en route to Destiny's Way, Reverend Herbert H. Grave became the Founding Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. With a burning desire to preach a non-compromising and liberating gospel, he set out to establish a religious institution dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. His destiny was to "Advance the Kingdom of God on Earth" by reaching out to meet the spiritual and social needs of the people of his community and beyond. Fellowship Baptist Church began on January 5, 1961 at 71 Seymour Avenue in Newark, NJ with 20 supporters. It was housed in several other Newark locations, before relocating to its present address.On April 1, 1982, FBC relocated to its current address at 745 Chancellor Ave, Irvington, NJ. It has become a pillar of the community in which it is located. In addition to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Reverend Graves ministered to the total needs of the people, focusing on social issues, political awareness, education and encouraging the members to seek economic prosperity through establishing saving accounts, making sound investments, budgeting and spending wisely, purchasing adequate health and life insurance policies, in addition to attending to their spiritual needs. Many success stories have resulted from his ministry and the church continues to direct its ministry toward improving the quality of life for its members.                                                        

Being concerned about the community at large, Reverend Graves became involved in the township's political arena – getting to know the elected officials and interacting with them to ensure a better community for all.He established a mission in Ghana to assist the children of Ghana get a quality education and adequate health care. He has raised funds for Haiti,, Katrina, and tsunami victims as well as other victims of natural disasters beyond their control. Reverend Graves served as pastor of FBC for 50 years. He retired during 2010 due to health reasons. He is a true humanitarian and one worthy of the honor being bestowed on him, today. He "lived in his house by the side of the road, by the side of the highway of life" and was indeed a true friend to all mankind. 





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